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The Best Timeline for Your Wedding Planning on What You Need to Know

Planning a wedding is not a simple process especially because this is supposed to be the biggest day in your life. Usually, check to see that you have been able to include everything necessary. A month by month wedding planning will be very good for you. It will be a good idea for you to get a wedding checklist that you can use. It is possible for you to create the right checklist if you have a company that can guide you in the process. Read more about Emmelina Stork Photography.


Reading this article will help you to understand more about wedding timeline that you have to follow and the necessary checklists that are supposed to be in play. You will require about 13 to 18 months so that you can have a good wedding. This may seem to be a lot of time but when you have a good checklist, then, you are able to cover everything properly. You will not feel harassed if you are able to focus on all these details although it may seem to be a lot of time. For the individuals who wants to have a wedding very quickly, the shorter route may be what you have to use but then, you will need intense focus.

Thinking about your budget, locations and venues should come immediately after you have gotten engaged and this is about 15 months before the wedding. Having a rough list of your guest list will be recommended for you. If you want to know more about wedding planners, you can always get recommendations that will help you and this is the time to ensure that you have been able to think about that. It will be a very good idea for you to find the wedding planners because they are very important.

Looking for a caterer that is able to help you should be the next thing that you’re going to do and this is about 12 months away from the wedding but apart from that, you have to choose a venue. This is something that matters a lot because you have to do your bookings. The save the date cards are supposed to be created about 10 months before the wedding and at the same time, you want to consider invitations and starting to look for your wedding dresses. It will be a good idea to discuss the flowers eight months before the wedding in addition to selecting the dresses that your bridesmaids will be using. Six months to the waiting up to when the wedding will happen, you have to concentrate on finer details. Check more on

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